Our approach: Renovation

We analyze, connect and initiate to help you renovate your people development approach holistically and harmonize it with your culture and way of working.


"A fool with a tool is still a fool!"

Like Scrum, OKRs, and any other working framework, the werise Growth Framework works best when in line with your organizational goals, culture, and structure.


The Renovation process

Let’s act sustainable by enhancing the existing valuable instruments of your human capital management and take your organization to the next level.


1. Analyze & Understand

We analyze which aspects of your organization can be integrated and connected to build your werise Growth Framework. Like Company Values, Structure, Roles, Leadership Vision, Vision & Purpose.


2. Implement & Catalyze

We develop the right competencies and expectation levels, implement and integrate the werise Growth Framework into your system.


3. Train & Mentor

We onboard and train your people to adopt the new werise Growth Framework to enable change and growth on all levels.


4. Coach

We enable and empower you to own the werise Growth Framework and continuously improve your system.

Lets talk!  

... and we'll find out what kind of support from our side is most valuable for your situation. We offer guides for implementation and individual consultancy to get you ready to rise.