We are werise

We want to change the (working) world for more fairness and equality.
We are a fully remote company based in Berlin and feeling home all around the world.


Eva-Maria Mayer


Managing Director

Eva is an agile transformation and leadership specialist with roots in marketing and branch-wide experience working in and leading digital product companies.

Kristina Müller


Operations & Finance 

As a business psychologist and with her roots in HR, Kristina has a broad experience in organizational development especially in agile transformations. 

Carsten Meinecke


Product & Strategy

Carsten is a designer and strategist with a strong agency background,  building and shipping digital products and brandings for clients around the globe. 


Our vision

Equality in work & life.

We strive for a world in which everyone has the same opportunities. A world where it is is not about faces, skin color, gender, origin, or religion; not about the best show, degree, nor the best school.

We aim for a world where we see through privileges and are passionate about fairness, so much so that we challenge our egos. A world in which we replace unconscious bias with the eagerness to ever broaden our horizons.

In this world, when it is about career and work, it is about behavior, skills, aspirations, and impact; and about who we are and who we want to become together.

Curious about our intuitive, fair people development and growth framework?