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Transform career paths into individual Growth Journeys that inspire and enable true agility.

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How werise works

Individual career progression

Careers are no longer a rigid ladder up. werise provides three categories: Collaboration, Function, Leadership. Each category contains skill-tracks in which employees can grow individually, meeting their unique strengths and their teams' different missions.

Reach organizational development goals

Each skill-track consists of five maturity tiers based on organizational needs and company goals. werise translates them into a guided framework for individual development.

Organizational Development meets People Development.

Ready for the next era of people development?

Employees set & reach growth goals

After setting an initial rating, employees and leaders set individual Growth Goals on skill-tracks to reach the next tier, based on the questions: what do I need to grow into to better contribute to our team's purpose? What are my strengths and aspirations?

werise helps you keep track of the goals and measurements.

Lead with insights that matter

Team leaders find a faster path to focused coaching through simplified insights and data. A clear overview of team skills and organisational competencies allows for sustainable redistribution of HR potential and empowered hiring.

Why is it time for a new era of people development?

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